Our credentials showcase the quality behind all of our services. At Rohan Rodrigo Group, we comply with both Sri Lankan regulations and international standards; ensuring that our services and processes are the best for our clients and partners.


ISO 9001:2015

The International Organization for Standardization has granted Rohan Rodrigo Construction Company (Pvt) Ltd. ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 showcases Rohan Rodrigo’s compliance with quality management and quality assurance systems.


The Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA) of Sri Lanka has awarded Rohan Rodrigo Construction Company (Pvt) Ltd. a C5 status.


CIDA has granted Rohan Rodrigo Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Company (Pvt) Ltd. the industry’s most prestigious standing of EM1.


Whether you’re looking for a firm to handle a project or interested in formulating a partnership with us, our doors are always open to see if and how we can work together.

Partnering With Rohan Rodrigo

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