Our Social Responsibility

At Rohan Rodrigo Group we measure our success by the positive impacts we have on the communities in which we operate in. We continually strive to improve the conditions and quality of life for our employees, shareholders, communities, and environment.


The protection of the environment is integrated into everything that we do at Rohan Rodrigo Group. Conceptualising the most sustainable practices in our design studios to ensure that our final products are engineered with nature in mind. 


Our employees are the core of our essence. Providing them with opportunities and programs for them to grow personally and professionally is our responsibility to ensure that we create the best working environment for the best employees.

Health & Saftey

Rohan Rodrigo Group adheres to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations of our equipment and services. We benchmark our standards against international paradigms to ensure that we have the safest working environment with minimal impact on the environment, community, and our employees.


Our success is measured by the impact which we leave on communities. Rohan Rodrigo Group facilitates community development programs across the country to provide opportunities for economic development for the people of Sri Lanka.