With entities specialising in different aspects of construction, design, and logistics, Rohan Rodrigo utilises these key areas of operations to provide a wholistic approach of sustainability for all of our projects. Our group of companies work together to deliver economically, socially and environmentally-responsible facilities and spaces.

From sustainable material selection to energy efficiency to indoor environment sustainability, Rohan Rodrigo encompasses all of these aspects into all of our projects. Our commitment to being environmentally sound begins at the management level and extends to all of our suppliers and partners.

Sustainable Procurement

Where our materials come from and how they are sourced and made is important to us. Rohand Rodrigo implements background checks on all of our suppliers, ensuring that we use the most environmentally friendly materials.

Environment Best Practices

From utilising energy efficient materials and processes to environmentally friendly paint, Rohan Rodrigo is consistently conscious of our impact on Mother Nature in all aspects of our business.

Waste Management

Construction waste is a major contributor of landfills. Rohan Rodrigo acknowledges this and has placed in efforts specifically to reduce construction waste entering landfill from all of our projects.