Consulting Services

No two construction projects are the same. Rohan Rodrigo Construction provides third-party validation services and project management services, assuring that projects are delivered in the best conditions and on time.

Customized Competencies For Projects At Any Phase And Type

Construction Advisory & Project Mangement

Rohan Rodrigo Construction services land/building owners, architects, engineers, contractors, legal counsel, and government entities to organise and improve the delivery of construction projects. Our team assembles specific technical personnel and project leaders according to each project’s specific need. Our management process improves collaboration amongst all project stakeholders to optimize project performance and delivery.

Project Audits

Rohan Rodrigo Construction provides auditing services to review engineering designs, construction material, and delivery teams. As a third-party validator, Rohan Rodrigo Construction analyzes and reports on a project’s credibility to give peace of mind to project owners.