Solar Energy



Renewable energy has mass impacts on the planet, as well as for an individual homeowner. Creating a green home and office is the core of Rohan Rodrigo Group’s sustainability initiatives within our communities.

  • Reduced Electricity Bills
    Solar panels generate electricity for a home or office building, allowing the space to not be solely dependent on the grid, enabling long-term cost savings.  
  • Low maintenance
    Solar systems for both home and businesses are very low maintenance. Maintenance includes cleaning the panels bi-annually and monitoring that the system is generating electricity.
  • Reduced emissions
    Utilsing solar reduces your home and business’ carbon footprint, ultimately helping the environment.

Rohan Rodrigo Group utilises the most reliable solar panels and inverters for all of our projects, ensuring high efficiency for our clients.

Yingli Solar Panels

Rohan Rodrigo Group uses Yingli solar panels, a Chinese brand that is one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels in the world. Over 65 million Yingli solar panels are used around the world totalling over 15 GW of power being generated in 90 countries.

Afore Inverters

Afore’s inverters and monitoring system enable Rohan Rodrigo Group to ensure that all of our projects are live and generating the most power possible for our clients. Afore

The Government of Sri Lanka under the Central Electricity Board (CEB) provides three programs which both residential or industrial customers can take advantage of.

  • Net Metering
    Pay only for the net amount of electricity that was consumed. If the solar electricity production exceeds the electricity consumption of the premises, the balance amount can be carried forward for future use for up to 10 years.
  • Net Accounting
    If the electricity generation of the solar system is greater than the consumption, then the excess supply would be paid back by CEB.
  • Net Plus/ Micro
    The total electricity generation from the solar system will be supplied to the National Grid and owners will be paid 22 LKR per kWh supplied for the first 7 years. The normal electricity bill would be paid to the CEB as normal.

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