Service Overview

Cool King provides plumbing services and maintenance for any commercial or industrial facility. Our technicians ensure that your business can effectively operate safely and efficiently with the correct piping and plumbing components. From designing a new plumbing system for a new building to repiping and updating an old facility, Cool King’s knowledgable technicians¬†are able to undertake any work with the shortest amount of time to keep your business running.


Urboso Ltd is a company that provides high-value, high-quality, sustainable piping solutions for urban landscapes in China and around the world. The company was started in the understanding that good quality and green infrastructure, under and above ground, is not just an environmental safeguard, but also a sustainable and cost-effective imperative.

  • PP-R Cold Water Pipes & Accessories
  • PP-R Hot Water Pipes & Accessories
  • PVC-U Water Drainage Pipes & Accessories
  • PVC-U Fire Retardant Bend Pipes & Accessories
  • PE Water Supply Pipes & Accessories
  • PE Composite Pipes
  • PE Helical Bellows