Partnering With Rohan Rodrigo Group


A strong partnership is built on a foundation of integrity. At Rohan Rodrigo we believe that business partnerships are honest and straight-forward unions which work towards shared goals.


Deep roots signify strength and influence. Our heritage goes beyond the number of years, rather we focus on the number of impacts we have.


At Rohan Rodrigo, we know the island of Sri Lanka like the back of our hands. With presence around the island, we enable efficiency in our business partnerships in and outside of Colombo.


Family is the strongest bond. As a family-owned company, we know the strength behind this bond. Our family bond is extended towards our fellow partners as we welcome each new business relationship into our home.

Partnering With Rohan Rodrigo

Interested in exploring a partnership with us? Please fill out the form and one of our Directors will be in touch to see if and how we can work together.